Bernie Sanders and the Leftist’s Mantra

Bernie Sanders flat out admits he’s a Socialist. In his run for the Democratic presidential nomination, he’s following the left wing mantra to a tee. He cites everything that’s wrong with the country in general and does so in a manner that would seem to be in concert with the entire country. Yes, the economy is bad, yes health care is all screwed up, yes there’s an income disparity – etc. etc. We all know and agree that the US is in a mess regardless of political affiliation. The laugh is that when he gets done reiterating the obvious, he tries to blame Capitalism for America’s woes, promoting what he calls revolutionary ideas.

I would like to point out that American Capitalism has been on the wain since the 1950s in favor of Crony Capitalism sprung out of corruption and yes, Crony Capitalism is failing.
 In government and in business, too many people regardless of political affiliation participate (have participated) in the corruption. It is not possible to single out Republicans or Democrats for greed/dishonesty or market manipulation.


Bernie’s “revolutionary” ideas are nothing of the kind as they have been tried over and over again for many hundreds of years, always failing miserably yet Bernie has the young vote. All too often, these are the people that have never had any responsibilities like a mortgage, a spouse or children and in some cases have never had a job. On top of that, all they’ve ever known of government is the now rampant corruption. The youth understandably want change like most Americans do but when they hear Bernie talk about his “revolutionary” idea that government will take care of them they buy-in. It’s an easy sell to those who have no responsibilities – it’s a dark side of human nature not to want any.

The plain truth is that Socialism/Marxism and Communism define corruption to it’s maximum limit. If we think there’s a wealth disparity in America now, we need only to open up our eyes and see the disparity that exists throughout the rest of the world. If we want to bitch about the wealthy 1% here – count the wealthy there. If we think social medicine is the answer, tell that to the doctors now on strike in Europe.

We are teetering on economic disaster and it’s like throwing gas on the fire when so few in the US have more assets than the rest of us put together but they didn’t get that way through an honest, free-market society. They got that way using the back door. Bernie’s revolutionary notions of running a nation are nothing more than upscaling Obama’s back door deals to the limit of our tolerance until it’s too late. To be honest I’m afraid it’s already too late but I can’t let that extinguish hope.

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